You may have heard that the clubhouse was broken into again last night, the 4th time in 12 months. Access was gained via the fire exit doors overlooking the Arena.

The clubhouse is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus and there was no cash or bar stock taken, but internal doors were smashed and the building was ransacked by the individuals.

We are all working so hard to get the Club back on its feet for the local community in conjunction with the Council.

We have with your help and support repaired the clubhouse after the previous break-ins. The Council have replaced a damaged gate along the Rylands frontage and the fence along this side of our compound is programmed for replacement soon. This, together with discussions on additional CCTV cameras linking directly to the main Arena site, would endeavour to strengthen our security. The clubhouse is also monitored by the Council's ASBE team.

There are people in society who see us as an easy target and seem determined to cause damage and disruption no matter what.

Obviously at this time we are restricted by what we can physically do, other than make the clubhouse as secure as we can.

We are in discussion with the Council on escalating the proposed works to make the clubhouse compound secure and will keep you updated.