Croydon 0 Faversham Town 0

Croydon were looking for a cup upset today against the Ryman South side but not quite just yet as there would be a replay at Faversham a few days later.

With Jamie McGeoghegan away today, James Fotheringham took his place and the Kinetic coach became the first player-director to play for Croydon FC. The first tests for him came with a couple of corners, the first corner went to a Faversham forward, but this shot went to nothing. The second went straight to Alex Hewitt. Faversham could have led on 24 minutes when a long cross from the left ended wide of Hewitt's post. Croydon got a free kick when Lauris Chin was taken down, and a header from Stephane Bombalenga went wide of the post. Chin himself had a chance but an opponent took the ball off him and safely went towards the goalkeeper. After a couple of clearances following Faversham corners, came another corner but Hewitt went down to save the ball. Croydon got a couple of offside chances, followed by a shot by Bombalenga that went over the bar. The first half ended with Chin facing a difficult angle to score and just couldn't.

Come the second half, Chin tried twice but just couldn't score. Faversham responded with a couple of shots which like Chin were saved by the keeper or intercepted by the defenders. Chin tried again, but there was a lack of power in his shot as the ball slowly went to the keeper. Croydon were putting pressure on Faversham, there was pressure from Jeff Duah-Kessie, then Marvin Armstrong, then Matt Weller's header was thwarted by Overlord. The next few minutes saw Hewitt making a couple of saves from Faversham. Captain Nathan Campbell saved the day for Croydon again. He headed out a Faversham corner, and cleared another ball a little later on. Croydon's last chance saw Duah-Kessie going around Overlord, but the keeper was at hand to make a save and the game remained goalless.

Croydon: Hewitt, Johnson, O'Donoghue, Weller, Fotheringham, Campbell (C), Armstrong (Fejzi 78), Wilson (McAllister 78), Duah-Kessie, Chin (Dabo 85), Bombalenga

Subs (not used): Greenwood, Brown

Yellow cards: Armstrong 72 McAllister 83 O'Donoghue 90+6