AFC Croydon Athletic 0 Croydon FC 2

Croydon FC legend Francis Ameyaw faced his old club for the first time since his move across the borough over the summer. The last time the two sides met, Ameyaw was part of a team that won 6-3 but this time round, his current team lost 2-0 on home territory.

Just as the start of the Croydon v league leaders Canterbury City game was delayed because of a wait of a referee, although this game started on time, the referee was injured. When he game did take place, it didn't take long for Ameyaw to make his first save against his old side when a header from captain Nathan Campbell was saved. Ameyaw's former colleague Jeff Duah-Kessie was elbowed by Ibrahim Kallow, who already had a yellow card, and was sent off for after only nine minutes. Already Athletic were making things difficult for Croydon, as they did during the game, gaining the ball off opponents and getting free kicks. Lauris Chin tried to get one past his old colleague but the shot went wide of the post. Duah-Kessie and an opponent both were going to go for the ball but the opponent went down then Duah-Kessie was given a yellow card. Croydon then had several chances, Duah-Kessie and Stephane Bombalenga both had shots finishing wide of the post. Both Bombalenga and Duah-Kessie tried again only to be stopped in their tracks by Athletic's defenders. It took 29 minutes before Croydon got a free kick after Duah-Kessie was taken down by Jamal Jimoh. Taken near the corner flag, the shot was blocked by Athletic captain Morgan Jenden. Croydon had a couple more attempts from Lauris Chin which Ameyaw stopped. Fiden Fejzi was taken down near the corner flag, and Croydon got a free kick, Duah-Kessie made an attempt, Ameyaw palmed the ball out then came another attempt which Ameyaw punched out. Due to the earlier injury to the referee, five minutes of stoppage time were added, which was useful for Croydon as Bombalenga, who on 45 minutes had hit the side netting, scored just before the whistle blew for half time with a cross going past Ameyaw.

The second half started with a chance from Chin, whose shot went towards Ameyaw. As Croydon's top scorer last season, Duah-Kessie was a marked man through the first half, and he was replaced after 49 minutes by Craig Davies. The next minute saw a chance from Fejzi go over the bar, and another shot go straight to Ameyaw's hands. Following an Athletic free kick, Ehis Izokun crossed to Jenden and their shot, the first of note for Athletic, went wide of the post. Marvin Armstong came on for Fejzi, and two minutes later on 64 minutes, Croydon extended their lead thanks to him. There was almost a third Croydon goal on 72 minutes when Bombelenga hit the crossbar. Athletic responded with a free kick that Alex Hewitt saved. Athletic were given a free kick outside the box, which went over the crossbar. There were a couple more chances from Athletic, the first was cleared by Matt O'Donoghue, the second from a corner was also cleared. Play went on despite a possible handball from AFC, but the shot went over the bar. For the remaining five minutes, Croydon managed to hold on to the win, and unlike the game last year, did not score three goals in stoppage time, the game finished 2-0 to Croydon.

Croydon: Hewitt, O'Donoghue, Mete-Lobonzo, Weller, McGeoghegan, Campbell (C), Fedzi (Armstrong 62), Wilson, Duah-Kessie (Davies 49), Chin (Pingling 66), Bombalenga

Subs (not used): Russ Obazue, Roache McQueen (G)

Yellow cards: Duah-Kessie 17, Campbell 74