Hollands & Blair 1 Croydon 4

A Lauris Chin hat trick gave Croydon three points and 4th position in the SCEFL Premier Division.

Captain Nathan Campbell was working today, and so Jamie McGeoghegan was captain for the day. Robby Mete-Lobonza, who was wearing the No 6 shirt in Campbell's absence didn't start the game and so Sam Johnson started the game, his first since he broke his nose at Faversham. Otitololuwa 'Lulu' Ojo, concussed in the Kent Senior Trophy game against Rusthall, also came back today, and came on in the second half. Hollands and Blair led in the 7th minute with a goal from James McDonald whose shot went past Alex Hewitt after a penalty hit the crossbar and he scored off the rebound. Croydon had various attempts in the first half. The first minute saw a Levi Shango cross saved by the Blair keeper Mark Sitton. Then Bradley Wilson's corner was cleared by a defender and later on had a chance that finished just wide of the post. Fidan Fejzi had a chance hit the crossbar, and Stefan Joseph was close to scoring twice. Lauris Chin also had a shot going over the bar in the first half.

Chin's three goals came in the space of four minutes. His first on 55 minutes started with Matt O'Donoghue's pass towards the box, and when the ball connected with Chin, it went in. The second goal on 57 minutes came from a Bradley Wilson pass, and Chin won the one to one with keeper Mark Sitton, and the ball managed to get past the goal line. The third goal on 58 minutes saw captain Jamie McGeoghegan pass to Chin, another one to one with Sitton and the ball slid past Sitton in the bottom corner. Bradley Wilson then made the game beyond Blair's reach with a goal in the 73rd minute and five minutes later almost scored again with a chance that went wide of the post.

Croydon: Hewitt, O'Donoghue, Davidson-Phipps, McAllister, McGeoghegan, Johnson (Armstrong 52), Fejzi, Wilson, Joseph, Chin (Mete-Lobonza 65), Shango (Ojo 45).

Sub (not used): Daniel Pepple

Chins hat trick in his own words - The first goal was good wing play by Matty (O'Donoghue) who managed to find Smasher (Stefan Joseph) in the box who pinned his marker and held it up well waiting for me to arrive for the set back. As it was coming towards me all I had to do was concentrate and get a good connection. Once it had left my boot I knew it was going in.

2nd goal was good build up. Brad had time to turn and get his head up. As I was on the move. He managed to split their centre back and fall back. As I latched onto it the keeper was approaching. It turned out to be a bit of a scrappy goal. But managed to get it over the line.

The 3rd was just directly play. Jamie to ball up to Smasher who pinned his marker again and managed to flick it on. I gambled on him winning his aerial duel then I was bearing down on goal waited for the keeper to commit himself before sliding it past him in the bottom corner.