Liam Giles announces his retirement as Manager of Croydon FC

“It is with a heavy heart that after three years and 99 games to date I have decided to step down as first-team manager at the end of the season. I was brought in to try and steady a sinking ship and bring stability on the field. I feel I have achieved that and much more off the field but ultimately, I am disappointed not to get the club promoted back to Step Five.

“It’s been a tough three years with Covid and working for 18 months without a chairman has been challenging.  However, in the last six months Gavin English has come in as chairman and I feel the club is now in the position off the field to kick on. There is a real committed and ambitious board in place, the club is in good hands.

“I would like to thank John Gladwin, my loyal assistant, who has been there from day one and the rest of my management team. A big thank you to the supporters who I have built a great bond with and through thick and thin have backed me and my team.

“Without Liam and Tony Blencowe the club would not be the same.  They have supported us financially and given us so much support and become life-long friends.

“Thanks to my wife who has rode the ups and downs with me and been my biggest supporter along with my two kids.

“Lastly, thank you to the newly-formed board for supporting me and trusting me to take the club forward, but for now it’s time to step away and seek a new challenge.

“Croydon will always be in my heart and the sleeping giant will rise again.

“Croydon’s on fire.

“I’d rather be a tram than a Ram”