Croydon did very well losing by a single goal against the division’s leaders, and in the time Croydon were a man down, the Trams were able to keep a clean sheet. As well of this, eight of the squad were out with a virus, and despite this, the game had to go ahead on pain of a fine from the authorities.


Snodland had a couple of early chances cleared before Croydon got a free kick from Henry Swann, who passed to Ollie Beauchamp whose shot hit the bottom of the far post. A second free kick from Swann went high over the bar. There were some good passes amongst the Trams, which ended with Swann’s shot going straight into the hands of Snodland keeper Shawn Wickes.


Snodland responded with a chance of their own, a cross from their winger went to Rob Denness, whose header went over the crossbar. After a couple of missed chances for Snodland, they got a corner. While goalkeeper Tiwa Fujamade was on the ground, Snodland’s John Bilbeam managed to get the ball over him and into the net in the twenty-ninth minute.


Croydon hoped to equalise a few minutes later after a free kick from Swann reached Jordan Anderson, only for his header to be off target. Anderson picked up a yellow card for clattering with an opponent, while at half time, Jerry Antwi was sent off and Croydon were a man down. 



The second half saw Croydon defend well. Snodland got a corner, which reached a forward but Fujamade managed to save his shot. Snodland got another corner, which was headed out by Croydon. Snodland then got a free kick, and Fujamade saved it. Another attempt from Snodland ended high and wide of the goal before Fujamade made another good save of a free kick.


Then a Brad Webb shot was saved by Fujamade before Croydon got some action at last. Josh Alder, making his debut for Croydon, ran down the wing before the ball reached Errol Mundle, whose chance was then stopped by an opponent. Then Croydon got a corner, which was cleared. Snodland were close to extending their lead when a shot flew just over the crossbar.


Croydon: Fujamade, Scurfield, Antwi, Beauchamp (C), Anderson, Burrell-Grant, Noiki (Baze 58), Swann, Alder, Mundle (Wealthyland 84), Green (Mbola 76)..

Un-used Subs: None


Match Report: Suneil Bhardwarj

Pictures: Paul Davis