Croydon took the lead at the Arena only to lose against Canterbury City, who were relegated from the SCEFL Premier Division at the end of last season.


City could’ve taken the lead in the first minute when a chance was saved by George Kamurasi but the first goal came from debutant Tristan Noel. A cross came his way which he scored from close range. Croydon then got a couple of corners (the second headed over the bar), before Sammy Morgan had another chance blocked by an opponent. After yet another corner, the Trams were awarded a free kick, taken by Andy Walker which went to Maddock who hit the crossbar. Off the rebound, City got possession before the ball went to Uli Fischer, who was unfortunately dispossessed. He made up for it three minutes later, making a run only for his shot to go across the goalmouth beyond the far post.


Playing in 30-degree heat, City appeared refreshed after the drinks break, as after a pass from a team mate, Nico Cotton equalised from the left wing. Kamurasi made amends with a couple of saves from short range afterwards. Then after 39 minutes, Croydon got a corner from Harvey Morton, and like a charging rhino, Maddock’s head connected with the ball, and put it past Tom Benham to put the Trams back in the lead. There were two more chances for Croydon, first a Fischer shot curled past the far post, and afterwards, a pass from James Fray went to Morgan, whose shot went straight into Benham’s hands. Croydon then conceded an unfortunate goal. City got a free kick, taken by Leo Dodds which resulted in a mishandling error by Kamurasi.


Throughout the second half, Croydon were determined to equalise, and Sammy Morgan worked very hard in doing so. He had a shot from near the corner flag that was saved by the keeper. Then City made a run down the left wing, and Morgan intercepted a cross and cleared it. Maddock conceded a corner, but Lauris Chin cleared the ball for a City throw in. Morgan’s cross went to an opponent who conceded a Croydon corner, that was cleared.


In the midst of all this, Dodds scored a second goal, and Maddock’s reaction led to him being sinbinned. Afterwards, Morgan kept the ball in play, and there was a pass to Harvey Morton whose shot went over the bar. With a few minutes to go, Croydon got a couple more corners and the second corner, taken by Morgan, ended wide of the post. Jordan Samuels then channeled the ball to James Ayedine, only for his shot to go across the goalmouth. Croydon got another corner thanks to Morgan, only for the ball to go out for a throw in.


Nine minutes of stoppage time, and a chance came from near the corner flag where Ayedine missed a sitter. Croydon got a final corner but despite the mad scramble could not get the ball past the goal line.


Croydon’s next game is on Saturday and K Sports are the visitors to Croydon Sports Arena, KO 3pm.

Croydon: Kamurasi, Noel, Morgan, Allen (Ayedine 73), Maddock, White, Fray (Sene-Richardson 88), Morton, Fischer, Walker (Chin 45+4), Bogle (Samuels 44)

Sub (not used): Abduelatief 



Match Report: Suniel Bhardwaj

Pictures: Andrew Bennett